About Us


YachtCleats.com fulfills a need for high quality hand crafted and designed brass fixtures at a reasonable price to both the marine and design trades.  We accomplished this by processing our designs with our existing international foundry.  We use only the highest quality in brass and a nickel plating process that ensures complete coverage.  


We Hate Rust.

While searching for handles for our large doors, we found numerous stainless steel options but no options for brass in larger sizes.  What vendors leave out of their details is the grade of stainless steel they are offering.  The grade of most stainless steel cleats on the market is 304 or 316 both of which accumulate surface rust in coastal environments.  Our brass and nickel plated brass will never rust.

On brass and nickel plated brass hardware, rust will never see the light of day.  If it can't start it can't spread.  The cleats you buy here at yacht cleats, no matter the size or shape, will not see rust, show rust, or be rust.